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Capricorn Online Login

Our Capricorn Online Login provides you with full access to view and transact on your Capricorn investment portfolio.

The full access features enables you to: (Features of Capricorn Online PDF)

  • ​View you latest balances and unit prices online;
  • Generate complete investment statements & tax statements online that shows a detailed income distribution split;
  • All statements and instructions are stored online to view your transaction history;
  • Submit or amend your once-off or recurring deposit & withdrawal instructions online;
  • Do switches between funds online;
  • Open a new Unit Trust fund online.
The Online Login is readily available to use on your Desktop PC, Laptop, IPad or Tablet. The preferred browser is Google Chrome (latest version).

Simply follow these easy steps to register: (How to register for Capricorn Online PDF)

      1. N​atural Person​

      2. Legal Entity

Submit the registration​ to cam.service@capricorn.com.na

Bank Windhoek Mobile App or Internet ​Banking Platforms

In addition to our Capricorn Online Login, we provide our shared Bank Windhoek investors with limited access to view their investment portfolio via the Bank Windhoek/Capricorn Private Wealth Mobile App and Internet Banking platform.

Limited access enables you to:

  • View latest balances
  • Submit a once-off deposit or withdrawal instruction
Simply follow these easy steps to register:

      1. Natural Person

      2. Legal Entity

Submit the registration to cam.service@capricorn.com.na ​