​Investment Philosophy


Capricorn Asset Management is a leading Namibian asset management firm. We pride ourselves ​in meeting the investment needs of individual investors, financial advisors, businesses, pension funds and government institutions.

We manage investments covering all major asset classes in markets around the world. With a deep understanding of our markets and the securities we invest in, along with the dedication of our employees, we deliver consistent investment returns that enable our clients to achieve investment success.

Our sensible approach drives our construction of innovative and cost effective solutions, making it easier for clients to invest. We believe that some geographical markets and asset classes are more efficient than others, moving through cycles influenced by emotions and perceptions where significant value can be created for the investor by exploiting these inefficiencies. Furthermore, we believe that asset class selection and a more efficient cash management strategy are significant contributors to overall portfolio performance and volatility reduction resulting in superior risk adjusted returns.

Our investment philosophy is to:

  • ​See every investment as unique, warranting a distinctive approach
  • Fully understanding all characteristics of an investment
  • Clearly defining and quantifying all risk factors associated with an investment
  • Keep it simple
  • Always diversify
  • Never speculate
  • Implement views in a cost-effective manner
  • Continuously monitor and evaluate actual performance​
  • ​​
    This is what we belie​ve is Sensible Investing.