​​​​​Prospective Borrowers

Caliber Capital Trust is an impact investor and a provider of flexible and customised long-term financing to medium-size businesses and financial services providers in Namibia.  Caliber Capital Trust prioritises investments to financially sustainable companies that also deliver substantive positive social and environmental impact.

Caliber Capital Trust offers tailored financing solutions based on the capital needs and cash flows of the investee company.  The repayment profile of our financing can vary from fixed amortisation to bullet repayment schedules.  We can also consider a grace period based on expected cash flows of the business. Terms and pricing for our facilities are risk and market-related.

Our financing solutions include:​

  • Project Financing
  • Asset Financing
  • Term Loan
  • We provide financing from N$5 million up to N$6​0 million to small and medium sized companies and financial services providers.  We can also facilitate co-financing with other financiers or participate in larger syndicated transactions.  Our facility tenures are determined on a case-by-case basis but typically range from 3 to 7 years.  Applications are considered in all commercial sectors of the economy from Proprietary Limited companies “(Pty) Ltd” with the exception of property development or real estate holding companies. ​ Capital and security are not necessarily required for an application to be accepted, as the deals are individually structured according to your needs.


    ​ Considerations for our facilities include:​

  • Viability
  • Sound equity structure
  • Capable management team
  • Good corporate governance structures
  • Accountability and transparency
  • Compliance with statutory requirements
  • Diversity in economic activity
  • Commitment to high social and environmental sustainability standards
  • Positive socio-economic development in the community

  • The following are the critical factors we look for in a successful credit application:

  • A comprehensive breakdown of the use of funds;
  • Audited financial statements, updated management accounts and realistic projections presenting;
  • The abovementioned financial projections should demonstrate the company’s ability to meet all cash flow commitments (debt repayment, creditors and other         cash expenses) and generate a decent and return to the shareholders;
  • The company should demonstrate regulatory compliance throughout the term of financing and beyond;
  • The company’s project/business plan should demonstrate the ability and experience of managers and key staff to successfully implement and                                         manage the business into the future;
  • Basing all intentions and forecasts in the business​​ plan on reasonable assumptions, supported with relevant documentation as far as possible.