Wealth Management

Capricorn Asset Management's offers includes specialist advice and bespoke solutions to affluent clients.  The following offerings are available to this market segment:

  • Local investment advice
  • Offshore investment options
  • Short term insurance assistance
  • Long term insurance cover
  • Trust and fiduciary services
  • Will drafting and estate execution

Local investment advice

The Capricorn investment platform provides investors with access to a wide range of investment opportunities across all major asset classes in markets around the world.  Apart from the diverse choice of Capricorn Unit Trust funds, the platform also offers investors an opportunity to invest in a selection of top quality unit trust funds from other fund managers such as Sanlam, Coronation, Allan Gray and Ninety One.  Such products are presented to clients in combination with a comprehensive process of investment advice starting from investment goal clarification, risk profiling, security selection and implementation and culminating in a thorough annual portfolio review.

The investment advice provided ranges from discretionary investments to pension investments including pre- and post- retirement.  Investors also have the option of investing in exclusive bank deposits, gold instruments, treasury bills and government stock.  We offer competitive rates and keep your scrip in safe custody until maturity and facilitate all coupon payments for Bonds investors at no additional cost.

We also provide investors the opportunity to invest in relevant and highly lucrative structured investment portfolios.  Such structured portfolios are carefully designed to cater for the unique investment needs of our affluent clients.  We pre-package these investment vehicles which often include a single security, a basket of securities options and foreign investment products.

Clients that have that NSX listed shares may also opt to warehouse such share certificates on the Capricorn Asset Management depositor for safekeeping with monthly market value reporting.

Offshore investment options

We have secured a reliable partner through Sanlam Private Wealth, to provide exclusive access to a wide range of offshore investment options to our clients.  Such opportunities range across all the major currencies and stock exchanges around the globe as well as access to a wide range of preferred unit trust funds.  Our offshore investment solution ensures that Namibian investors are not exposed to unnecessary offshore tax burdens nor the prerequisite to have an offshore will for such investments.

Investors are properly assessed in terms of their willingness and ability to accept investment risks and guided meticulously through the different steps of moving local funds abroad from the tax compliance application through currency conversion up to offshore fund transfers.

Offshore investors receive a comprehensive monthly investment report and also have access to an online portal that provides access to their investment portfolio.

Short term insurance assistance

We provide our clients selective access to short term insurance products and specialist advice delivered by a dedicated advisor of Welwitschia Insurance Brokers.

Long term insurance cover

We provide highly exclusive access to affluent investors to long term insurance products. Risk events cannot be predicted or prevented, but we assist to plan for every event, especially death so that their surviving partner or dependents will have sufficient capital that keeps up with inflation, repayment of debt and loans, capital to fund last expenses and funeral costs, capital to provide for children's education, executor's fees and any other related expense. We aim to provide life insurance that ensures the retention of the same financial position as our clients were accustomed to while alive, as well as disability cover, to ensure that our clients will either receive an income replacement benefit, a lump-sum benefit or both to provide them with the financial means to sustain their lifestyle and potential lifestyle changes. We provide our clients the choice of a wide range of local insurers to select from depending on their unique circumstances and preference.

Trust and fiduciary services

Many clients incorporate inter vivos trusts as part of their wealth and legacy continuation progression.  We provide trust creation advice and services, as well as trust administration services to​ existing trusts, with the aim of liberating our clients from the burden of looking after statutory and best-practice requirements relating to trusts.  Our highly skilled and experienced fiduciary team will ensure that the trust entity is managed according to all legislative and market standard norms.

Will drafting and estate execution

We provide will drafting and subsequent estate execution services for selective clients at highly attractive fee structures specifically to such assets under management with Capricorn Asset Management and other specific group entities.  We follow a personal and in-depth needs analysis and advice to provide clients with the assurance that their wishes will be honored effectively by an intimate approach and service to all beneficiaries.

Capricorn Private Wealth

We've taken all our expertise, knowledge and experience from Bank Windhoek and Capricorn Asset Management to create a boutique wealth and investment management experience for high net worth individuals. For more information on this offering and to see whether you qualify, please visit the Capricorn Private Wealth website at www.capricornprivatewealth.com.na