​​​​​Government Bonds

Internal Registered Stock or commonly referred to as Government Bonds or “GC’s” are issued by the Republic of Namibia and is thus guaranteed by the Republic of Namibia.

Government Bonds are issued on various terms ranging from 2023 to 2050. Two types are issued namely Fixed Rate Bonds and Inflation Linked Bonds.

Fixed Rate Bonds pays a fixed coupon every 6 months on the nominal value of the bond and on maturity the nominal value is paid to the investor.

Inflation Linked Bonds also pays a fixed coupon percentage but the coupon change with inflation and the final maturity value is based on the official Namibian consumer price index as it prevailed over the lifetime of the bond.

These bonds can play an important role as direct investments for investors who wish to obtain certainty in terms of future cash flows​ and seeking a government guarantee of the final maturity value. These bonds are tradable in the secondary market and gives a high degree of short term liquidity, although short terms valuations vary in accordance to changes in interest rate markets and inflation outlook.

The minimum lump sum investment for Bonds is N$ 250 000

Should you wish to buy or sell bonds contact us at cam.info@capricor​n.com.na