​​​​​​About Us


Capricorn Asset Management is a leading Namibian asset management firm. We pride ourselves in meeting the investment needs of individual investors, financial advisors, businesses, pension funds and government institutions.

With a range of solutions, we manage investments covering all major asset classes in markets around the world. Our deep understanding of the markets and securities we invest in, along with the dedication of our employees, helps us deliver consistent investment returns that enable our clients to achieve investment success.

Initially recognising that the Capricorn group needed an asset management capability to manage the group companies’ own assets, as well as those of its corporate and high net-worth individuals, it was decided to build a truly Namibian asset management firm managed in Namibia by Namibians. At the turn of the century, the Capricorn Selekt Fund was established under the expertise of the Bank Windhoek Treasury division. Due to the popularity of the fund, the Capricorn Investment fund, a money market fund, ​was established in 2001. Once again, the asset management mandate was given to the Bank's Treasury Division, while the client administration functions were outsourced to the Bank’s Treasury Back Office. 

As a result of these funds' excellent returns and high quality of client service, the two funds grew at a fast pace and by 30 September 2002 Capricorn Unit Trust Management Company toppled all other Namibian unit trust management companies to become the market leader in the unit trust industry with a share of 24%. 

This resounding success proved, against all odds, that a Namibian team managing assets locally ca​n not only match, but also outperform international asset management companies' unit trust funds. By 2003 the Bank had established a focused ‘Specialised Investment Department’ within the Treasury Division as a first step to evolve into a fully-fledged stand alone and independent asset management company. The transformation was completed and celebrated during the month of July 2006 when Capricorn Asset Management was officially launched as a fully-fledged and licensed local and independent asset management company specialising in interest asset management.

Capricorn Asset Management has been a market leader in the provision of Fixed Interest and Money Market investment products for institutional, corporate and retail clients for more than a decade. We currently enjoy a 38% market share of Namibia`s interest bearing unit trust industry. Since the launch of our first money market fund in April 2000, the Capricorn​ Selekt Fund, we have been able to grow our total assets under management in the interest bearing space to over N$11.1bn. Since inception, our money market funds have been structured to include both Namibian and South African domiciled banking and corporate interest bearing instruments in our investable universe. The aim is to mitigate concentration risk and liquidity shortfalls in order to adhere to CAM`s comprehensive credit philosophy. The launch of the Bank Windhoek Investment Fund in 2002 solidified our money market offering for the institutional and retail investors.

All in all, we are your reliable partner that provides a superior level of corporate governance, aligned to international best practices. Our reputation is everything and our track record of over a decade stands testament to this. We make sure that the investments you entrust to us are managed as if it’s our own, that’s why we spend a great amount of effort to make sure that all portfolios are accurately administrated and accounted for and comply with mandates, regulations and exposure limits.

We are a locally dedicated and accessible team giving unrivalled service. We are passionate about service and we treat you, our clients, with respect. We make it easier for you to invest and obtain support. We not only serve you directly but also through our wide network of Bank Windhoek branches, advisors and online services, as we continuously strive to improve our service delivery by listening to you and by asking ourselves how we can make it better and simpler for you as our client.

​We are a truly aligned team of experts and understand how important it is to work effortlessly to align our people, processes with our investment philosophy and market views continuously. We believe that only truly aligned team where every single employee understands his or her role and is aligned to the bigger whole and each other can deliver consistent investment performance. Our long history and practical experience make us a truly aligned team of experts. We are also part of the Capricorn Group, a regional financial services group with interests in banking, insurance and asset management with business interest throughout the Southern African region. The group aspires to change people’s lives, making sure that everyone who lives in our country reaches their full potential. Whether it’s through the solutions we offer, the business we invest with or through the community projects we are involved in.

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