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By partnering with a reliable Namibian based Asset Manager you are directly contributing to the Namibian economy and its people as well as the development of its financial markets.

Caliber Capital is a debt bas​ed regulation 29 vehicle providing wide diversification benefits across a broad range of industries. This is a more conservative option than private equity, which is potentially more susceptible to economic cycles. The fund leverages Capricorn Asset Management’s expertise in the Namibian Credit market to provide consistent investment performance. This cost-effective solution provides a higher level of liquidity than traditional private equity investments.

The f​und supports the Harambee Prosperity Plan and Vision 2030 by focusing on supporting job creation, import replacement and industry development in Namibia. The fund has a strong corporate governance structure with a well-diversified portfolio and typically invests with amounts between N$2 million and N$20 million. Maximum exposures are limited to 20% of the fund value.

Caliber Capital features:

• Annual Management fee - 2%
• Hurdle rate - 90% of Prime
• Participation fee - 10% of outperformance above hurdle rate (after management fee)
• No minimum investment amount